Bigger is Better

So often, people come to my studio to order photographs and immediately think of the sizes that came in those school portrait packets. You know the ones… you order them before you see the final photo and so you get a sheet of wallets for friends, cousins, aunts and uncles, two 5×7’s (one for each set of grandparents) and an 8×10. But did you know there’s a whole world of options outside that boring little packet? Look at the room above, I’ll wait. What did you see? The awesome boy’s room that makes him feel like a snowboard magazine model or the 5×7 family photo on the nightstand? Did you even notice the 5×7? Look again, it’s there. It’s next to the 8×12 right under the lamp.

When you pick out pictures to hang on your wall, you want them big enough to see from anywhere in the room. You invested in a photographer you love to take high quality photographs of you looking your absolute best, it’s okay to show them off! In fact, you should show them off. Studies have proven that kids who grow up in homes where their photos are prominently displayed on the wall, have more confidence and better self esteem. Who doesn’t want that for their kids!? Guess what, it works on adults too… seeing yourself in your best light will give you a little boost, like looking in the perfect mirror everyday.

This doesn’t mean you have to wallpaper your home with your portraits, small prints and albums serve a very important purpose but don’t limit yourself to what fits on a shelf in the dark corner of your living room, make a statement. “I love my family and am proud to show them off!” Trust me, you won’t regret making the investment into a family heirloom. 

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