Hi, I’m Amanda Claire.  As you may have guessed, A. Claire Vision is my business.  I do what I love every day: create gorgeous photographs that capture the true personality of every person in them.  I’m equally passionate about seeing those memories properly preserved, so I create beautiful wall art with those photographs.  That’s my vision.

Aside from photography, I enjoy travel, adore all things French, and have a huge, eclectic collection of music and movies.  I’m an avid sports fan, especially when it comes to football and tennis. If I wasn’t a photographer, I just might be an actor in musical theater.  I’m definitely sentimental, and cherish keepsakes, which is probably why I’m a print photographer.  I have a modern aesthetic but with vintage sensibilities.

To accomplish my vision and goals I went to college for photography.  I then worked as the assistant to the director of photography at VisArts in Rockville, Maryland.  A short time  later, I was chosen as a youth grant leader teaching traditional darkroom photography to at-risk high school students.  The program was a huge success and we were even recognized by the City Counsel!  After that, I worked with several world-renowned photographers, and was able to learn a great deal from them.  I don’t think you ever stop learning, so I take continuing education whenever I have the opportunity.  I think we learn a lot from traveling the world and immersing ourselves in different cultures, so I consider that both my inspiration and education – plus, it’s really fun!


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Two photos by A Claire Vision were chosen for the Axe Peace Campaign billboard in Times Square, New York.