What are your portrait sessions like?

We have fun at our sessions.  People are often surprised that they actually enjoy having their photos taken.  It’s relaxed.  We let kids get the wiggles out and we capture the giggles.  That’s why we block off more than an hour for every session.

What makes you different from other photographers?

Today in our digital age lots of people think of themselves as photographers.  However, professional photography requires both an artistic eye and technical training and ability.  I am professionally trained, and take continuing education courses all the time.  I am artistic, and it shows in the way I take and edit your photographs – and yes, I personally edit every photograph you see after your session.  I use professional equipment and professional photographic processing and printing.  Take a look at my images and decide if my vision fits yours!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes and yes!

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use professional Canon cameras and lenses.  My bag contains multiple cameras and a variety of lenses.  I use various lighting equipment depending on the session.  In the studio, I have large lights, soft boxes, etc.  On location, I have multiple remote flashes, umbrellas and reflectors.  If I think I might need it, I bring it!

What’s the difference between digital printing and professional photographic printing?

We all use digital printers in our daily lives, and they’re great for everyday printing.  But they are ink on paper which will scratch and fade.  True photographic printing is light on paper, so with proper care the image won’t fade or deteriorate.  This truly sets me apart from other professional photographers today, as most are now using digital printing to safe money.

What happens if the weather is bad on our session date?

Weather happens, so I keep my schedule flexible.  If you have an outdoor session set and it’s pouring rain, we can move inside and shoot in the studio, or we can simply reschedule.  I suggest putting two dates on the calendar right from the start, so we have a rain date already on the calendar.

Should we all dress the same for our session?

Absolutely not!  Looking like you belong together is always good, but that doesn’t mean dressing identical.  Let’s say you all wear soft shades of blue or coordinating colors, it defines you as a group.  If you all wear different prints and colors you might look like a group of random strangers who happened to get caught in the same photo!  We’ll talk about this at our pre-session consultation meetings.


Can I have my entire extended family come to my session?

Wow! Large family groups are awesome but require extra lighting set ups and time, so I charge a little extra based on the group size.  My studio is small, so we always do large groups outdoors.  I’m also as creative as I can be with a large group, but it is a different look than an intimate family portrait.

Who will be present at my session?

I will be there!  I am the lead photographer and this is my vision.  I also work with my mom.  She’s great at posing and being silly to make kids laugh.  She’s also an awesome second shooter, so you might see her behind the camera too.  I also have a lighting assistant that sometimes comes along.  We are typically an all female team and keep it small so you don’t feel like you have to impress a crowd.

What are digital albums set to music?

These are DVDs that you can play over and over containing all the photos from your portrait session or event.  I create each one myself.  It’s not a simple slide show, but is something special with music that compliments the session or event.  Here’s a link so you can see one.

What’s a reveal meeting and why do we have one?

Seeing all your photos for the first time after your session or event is exciting!  It can also be overwhelming trying to decide which ones you want.  I will truly assist you in figuring out the best wall collections for your home.  I have a program that I use where you can actually see your photos sized for your walls!  You can see how they will look over a sofa, on the mantle, or above a headboard.

My friend’s photographer just gave them a disk of images after their session? Why don’t you?

I’m sorry that happened to them. People hire me for more than a disk of images because they know I’ll take the time to guide them through the process of selecting the perfect products for their home.  You’ll leave with something real, something tangible to enjoy and pass down.  It will also be artfully edited and professionally printed.

Can I get a disk of my portrait session images?

You can always purchase a digital album set to music will all the images from your session.  Or you can purchase individual digital images.  My goal is to provide you with beautiful true photographic images that you can hang on your walls and pass down from generation to generation. Digital images deteriorate, can get corrupted and get lost. Media formats change too, but true professionally printed photographs last.  We also give you a personal mobile app with some photos to share when you spend $500 on prints.

Can I see your work in person?

I work out of my home in Silver Spring (Ashton) Maryland and I would be happy to meet with you anytime.  I also have a small display of my work at the Sandy Spring Museum on Olney-Sandy Spring Road (Rt. 108), where I am their house photographer.  I take photos all over the Metro area, Montgomery County, Howard County, Frederick, Northern Virginia and D.C., ad I am happy to meet with you in your home and bring some samples with me at a pre-session consultation also.

Have you ever been published?

Yes.  I have been pleased to have some of my portraits published in various magazines, as well as on different websites.  I even had a photo selected for the cover of the Potomac Review, a literary journal.  I also have done food photography for local restaurants.  On my bio page you can see a fun honor I received where two of my wedding photos were selected by Axe for an ad campaign that were on a billboard in Times Square, New York City.

Can I hire you for an event, like my daughter’s Princess Party, or my parent’s 50th anniversary?

Absolutely.  I have all sorts of event packages starting for as little as $300 for special days like that princess party.


I can make a photo book online really cheap.  Why are your albums so much more expensive?

I create beautiful, lay-flat, photographic albums.  I personally design the albums, so a lot of time and care goes into each one.  Then they are professionally printed, photographically, so they are not digital prints.  The albums will be heirlooms and won’t fade.  Those less expensive album are printed on flimsy paper that will crease and tear; but mine are heavy, lay-flat pages that are then beautifully bound.  This is definitely one of those items where you get what you pay for.


What about weddings?

Wedding are special so I customize each package.  All my wedding packages include a beautiful lay-flat wedding album.  After all, I am a fine art print photographer, and I believe everyone should have a printed final product to cherish.  My goal at weddings is to beautifully tell the story of your day.  I have been called a stealth photographer, since my goal is to respect your day and capture it without being in your face.  I’m not the main event – you are.

Will you give me a disk of all my images after my wedding?

I will, if that’s the package you bought.  But you’ll also get a beautiful lay-flat wedding album and some wall art prints.  That’s who I am.  People hire me because they know I will spend hours artfully editing every photo you see from your wedding.  I can tell the story of your day in 50 photos or less – even though I’ll take thousands … and you’ll see hundreds all fully edited.  But I think just giving you a disk of all your images is a disservice.  It leaves all the hard work of editing, selecting, and creating to you.  Who’s got time for that?  And that’s what you should be paying your photographer for.  I hear stories all the time from couples who say, I wish I knew you when…I lost my disk and my photographer is gone…I’m so sorry.

Why do you cost more than my friend’s wedding photographer did? 

Are there cheaper photographers out there?  Of course!  But my  final product reflects the difference.  I give you full service, creativity, careful post-production and editing of all your images. I help you select your favorites for the wall and design of your memorable heirloom album to cherish.