Celebrate Women!


In such a fast paced world where we’re constantly bombarded with ads telling us we have to be something else,  wanted to launch a new idea.  You are beautiful and you deserve to feel confident and flawless in our own skin.  Let’s slow down and capture that moment where you feel like your best self and celebrate you!

Maybe you are the family photographer, always taking pictures of your kids.  One day your children will be grown and they will be looking for photos of you.  Let me use the perfect lighting and camera skills to pose you in ways that compliment your curves.  See more examples in my gallery.

We can take your photos in the studio or outside “on location,” wherever your vision takes you.  Perhaps you’d like to wear your wedding dress again – hair down, bare feet.  Did your wedding day go by too quickly? No time for those beautiful bridal portraits?  It’s not too late.  Maybe you have a favorite flowing sundress that you’d like to wear out on the rolling hills of a farm.  Or perhaps you want to be photographed in your hiking boots in a local stream…amidst the bustle of the city…on the streets of Paris. There’s no limit to celebrate you!  Don’t want to come alone?  Make it a group session with a few of your friends and share the experience and vision.

This two hour session starts at $450 which includes professional hair and makeup as well as a collaboration consultation to help us plan your vision.  It also includes some finished products.  Your session with A. Claire Vision will be the full boutique experience.  After the session I’ll artfully edit your photos.  We’ll have a reveal meeting where I’ll help you decide which ones are perfect for you.  You’ll see at least 20 images.  Once you choose your favorites, I’ll print them as true photographic images so they retain their beauty for years to come.  Add a beautiful lay-flat album as a gift for someone special.  “Beauty is the light of the heart,” K. Gibraun.  Let’s make your light shine brightly.  Contact me to now schedule your session.