Creative Kids

Every child is unique and special, make sure they know that with a unique portrait experience.

Each of your children are special. They have their own interests and unique personalities. Our goal at A. Claire Vision is to capture that unique personality and preserve the memory of who they are today, from newborn to teen and give every child the confidence they deserve.

Our sessions are fun and relaxed.  I’ll take the time to get to know your child and choose the perfect location for their portraits.  I want to know if your child is engaged in sports, plays the guitar, or has other special interests that we can capture during their session. I’ll bet you can tell me about a positive quality that your child has, and even tell me a story about how they have displayed that quality.  That story will show me just how special your child is.

These are not like the school or mall pictures you often see.  These are beautiful, creative portraits of your child. They are perfect at every age, but with those kids who are lacking confidence, perhaps their tween years have been tough, these sessions can be a confidence builder.  They are similar to our high school senior sessions, and give your child a special day that’s all about them.  The session lasts about an hour so there’s time to change outfits and showcase different facets of their personality.  You can have the session for multiple children together, but it’s really nice to do individual sessions so they truly feel special.

After the session, I’ll beautifully edit your photos. Then we’ll look at them together at your reveal meeting, and I’ll help you decide what’s right for you.  You’ll see at least 20 images.  Next, I’ll print your favorites as true photographic images so they retain their beauty for years. This session begins at $350 which includes our pre-session consultation, the session on location or in studio, our selection meeting where you’ll see all your final fully edited images, PLUS a starter wall portrait, and a custom phone app for all your mobile devices so you can share your photos with friends and family.  You can add extra time for $100 per hour.

Contact us right away to schedule a session for your child, and let’s have some fun!

No one is you and that is your superpower!